Who We Are

National Police Credit Union was born out of a desire to serve those who serve and protect. As a division of Chicago Patrolmen's Federal Credit Union, NPCU builds upon 78 years of expertise in the financial services industry.

Chicago Patrolmen's Federal Credit Union was initially formed in 1938 when members of the Chicago Patrolmen's Association decided to pool their financial resources for the betterment of all.

What began with basic offerings for “blue shirts only” has expanded to include a variety of savings options and a comprehensive lending portfolio including everything from low-rate auto loans to mortgages.  We also developed the full service Financial Planning and Education Center offering everything from retirement planning to credit counseling.

Today, the credit union serves police officers of all ranks—from the newest recruits to Chiefs of Police, as well as police family members.

We are and always have been administered by a Board of Directors consisting entirely of current and former police officers.

Beginning in 2011, we expanded our field of membership to include suburban police departments .  This expansion helped us confirm that our products and services can assist all police officers in the pursuit of their life’s financial goals and encouraged us to continue to expand our range to include police officers who have not had direct access to a police credit union.  

In 2014, the credit union was approved to serve all Fraternal Order of Police members throughout the United States and we created the National Police Credit Union division to help us do so.  The National Police Credit Union is tailored to the needs of law enforcement personnel and builds upon our long standing standard of excellence.  Every day, we strive to fulfill our mission by providing members with competitive financial products and services that facilitate borrowing, promote thrift, and encourage wise money management.

National Police Credit Union appreciates the tireless service of police officers and the dedicated support of their families and we look forward to providing the highest level of service to you.

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