Visa Credit Cards

We are excited to offer a newly expanded variety of credit cards to fit your needs!  We now offer a cash back card, a low rate card, and a rewards card!

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Card Options

Copper Cash Back Card

Blue Line Rewards Card

Silver Low Rate Card

Visa Student Card

Visa Secured Card

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Before you go out of town, make sure to fill out the Travel Exemption form!

This convenient form is located under “Tools & Education”. Send us a travel notification  (at least 2 days before your departure date)

Completing this form will help prevent your debit/credit cards from being blocked by letting us know to expect transactions outside of your home area.

Visa Purchase Alerts

Monitor card activity with Visa Purchase Alerts.

Visa Purchase Alerts is a free opt-in service that allows you to get alerts for transactions in real-time and immediately identify potentially fraudulent activity. 

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Credit/Debit Card Conversion

We will be introducing a new Visa Credit and Debit Card platform, which will include an enhanced card design and improved security measures.

Click here for full details regarding our conversion. 

Click here for our most up-to-date conversion FAQs.



View Application and Solicitation Disclosure and Consumer Credit Card Agreement.


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