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The Heroes We Serve

We recently set out to learn more about The Heroes We Serve:

Why did they pursue careers in Law Enforcement? Are they fulfilling life-long dreams or did they happen upon “the force?” What motivates them each day and how do they unwind at night? What pastimes peak their interest? What do partnerships mean to them? Why did they choose us? Who are their Heroes? 

These individuals help make up the fabric of our story. Without them, we would be a series of blank pages. Hear from The Heroes We Serve, share their stories, and help us continue to Back the Blue.

Our Heroes:

“The Commander”

“The Empty Nester”

“The Traveler”

“The Two Guard”

“The Movie Buff”


“The Chief”

“Sgt. Riggs”

Introducing iTalk

 iTalk will be live on Monday, March 20th at 8 A.M. CDT.
We are pleased to announce that we are expanding your options and access to your information! You will now be able to obtain immediate answers to your questions when you contact the Credit Union.
Our new iTalk automated answering system will be an excellent complement to the many ways in which you can already access your information and get your questions answered, including through our Online Banking, Mobile App, full-service websites, and Chat option. Plus, all of these options are available around the clock to accommodate your needs on your schedule.
As always, we are at your service 24/7!
For iTalk, follow the menu prompts. You will need your account number and iTalk PIN to proceed. Your temporary PIN will be the number 9 plus the last four digits of the primary’s social security number. For instance, if the last four of your social security number are 1234, your temporary PIN will be 91234. To change your PIN, press Option 9 for More Options, followed by Option 7 to Change Your PIN.

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