April is National Financial Literacy Month!

In honor of National Financial Literacy Month, we encourage our members to sponsor your children and grandchildren for membership to the Credit Union.

All immediate family are eligible for membership, which begins with a Savings Account and includes a LIFETIME of benefits!

Among the many perks of membership are free and confidential one-on-on financial counseling with Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor Gwendolyn Hawkins, who has been assisting our members with their financial matters for over 25 years.

Book With Spot White

We invite our new and current youth members to “take just 15 minutes” out of their day to contact Gwen for a complimentary Money 101 session, which will include such topics as: 

  • The Benefits of Saving
  • Opening and managing a Savings Account
  • Obtaining and managing a Debit Card
  • Managing and investing your allowance and extracurricular job earnings
  • Understanding budgets

To contact Gwen, please call 312-499-8813 or send her an email

Remember, it is never too early to start learning about money!