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High Caliber Program

Arm Yourself with Benefits!

A personalized representative and special rates are among the many perks of our High Caliber Program, which rewards members for taking advantage of multiple products and services.

To qualify just lock up 3-1-2!

A member must be utilizing at least 3 of these Credit Union products:

A Member must be doing business with, or have purchased from, 1 of these partners and/or services:

  • Gwen’s Helping Hands
  • Debt Protection, GAP, MBP
  • Killed in the Line of Duty Loan Protection
  • TruStage

A Member must be using at least 2 of these services:

  • Digital Wallet
  • E-Statements
  • Mobile Banking
  • Online Banking

Program Benefits*:

  • A personalized representative to serve as your main point of contact.
  • A sequentially numbered program identification card.
  • Guaranteed same-day loan closings (subject to standard underwriting guidelines)**.
  • Additional .25% APY (Annual Percentage Yield) on all Share Certificates and IRA’s opened after qualifying for program.
  • Reduction of .25% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on all eligible loans obtained after qualifying for program.

Apply Today!

For additional questions regarding our High Caliber program, please call Jessica Soto at 312-499-8859.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you must maintain the program requirements to continue in the program.

You will have six months to meet the requirements or you will no longer be enrolled in the High Caliber Program and you will lose all benefits and incentives associated with the program.

If you no longer qualify and are no longer enrolled in the program, the incentives no longer apply to new products.

Yes, but you must also maintain one of the requirements in this category to fulfill the High Caliber Program status.

Representative assists member with all credit union transactions.

New/used auto loans, motorcycle, share secured, and signature loans.

The following is the Agreement between you and National Police Credit Union relating to your enrollment in the High Caliber Program. General terms affecting the High Caliber Program appear in this disclosure. General terms affecting your National Police Credit Union accounts appear in the Account Terms & Conditions disclosure.

*If you discontinue the use of one of the products or services that qualify you for the program, a representative will reach out to you to advise you of the eligibility requirements to maintain High Caliber status. You will have six months to meet the requirements or you will no longer be enrolled in the High Caliber Program and you will lose all benefits and incentives associated with the Program.

**In order to qualify for a same day loan closing, you must apply by 1:00 PM CST. Once the application is processed your representative will contact you to schedule the loan closing. If the application is submitted after 1:00 PM CST you will be able to close the loan on the following business day.

Introducing iTalk

 iTalk will be live on Monday, March 20th at 8 A.M. CDT.
We are pleased to announce that we are expanding your options and access to your information! You will now be able to obtain immediate answers to your questions when you contact the Credit Union.
Our new iTalk automated answering system will be an excellent complement to the many ways in which you can already access your information and get your questions answered, including through our Online Banking, Mobile App, full-service websites, and Chat option. Plus, all of these options are available around the clock to accommodate your needs on your schedule.
As always, we are at your service 24/7!
For iTalk, follow the menu prompts. You will need your account number and iTalk PIN to proceed. Your temporary PIN will be the number 9 plus the last four digits of the primary’s social security number. For instance, if the last four of your social security number are 1234, your temporary PIN will be 91234. To change your PIN, press Option 9 for More Options, followed by Option 7 to Change Your PIN.

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