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Balance Transfer Promotion!

Start the New Year on the right foot with our limited-time-only Balance Transfer Promotion! Transfer your high-interest-rate balances from other credit cards to your National Police Credit Union Copper Cash Back, Blue Line Rewards or Silver Low Rate Cards for a rate of 0% APR*, which is good for 12 months**!

Consolidate your credit card balances with our Balance Transfer Promotion, and you will enjoy:

A 0% APR* balance transfer rate** for 12 months.

As well as our standard card benefits:

  • No Annual Fee.
  • A Non-Variable Rate for all Purchases and Cash Advances.
  • Easy Online Account Access.
  • & More!

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With rising interest rates and a fluctuating economy, we hope it helps knowing that your credit union has your back and that we work hard to offer you some of the lowest lending rates in the country.

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*APR= Annual Percentage Rate.

**3% Balance Transfer Fee Applies. After promotional period, regular rates apply.