NPCU's 2nd Annual Labor Day Raffle!

August 1 – September 1, 2017

We will be raffling off one $50 Visa gift card for every 10 qualified loans we receive through the month of August. If we receive 100 qualified loans, we will have 10 winners; if we receive 200 qualified loans, we will have 20 winners. That means participants have a one in 10 chance of winning!

To enter the NPCU Labor Day Raffle, which runs from August 1 through September 1, at 5 p.m., please see the rules below:

The raffle winners will be announced on Tuesday, September 5. Winning gift cards will be mailed once the winner has confirmed receipt of the notification. 
In order to participate in the raffle, please follow the steps below:

*Eligible loans for this raffle are: Auto Loans, including Write Your Own Ticket Auto Loans; Motorcycle Loans; Share Secured Loans; Student Loans; Tuition Loans; and Signature Loans. 
Home Equity, Mortgage and Member Business Lending Loans are not eligible for this raffle.
NPCU employees and affiliates and their families are not eligible for this promotion.


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