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We opened our Financial Planning and Education Center (FPEC) in support of one of our core objectives, which is to provide you with as much financial education and as many financial tools and options as we can. The FPEC has expanded over the years, but the objective remains the same: every product and service that we offer through the FPEC creates an opportunity for you to gain knowledge, choices, and power as a financial consumer.

Educational Seminars

The credit union offer seminars throughout the year that are designed to provide you with the information and financial tools you need and the answers you seek in an online, interactive, obligation-free environment. Recent topics include “Managing Stress By Managing Finances,” “Understanding Your Credit Score,” “First Time Homebuyer Workshop,” and “Retirement Readiness.”

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Off-Site Educational Programming

The credit union is available to develop signature educational programming custom-designed to meet your needs, which we bring right to you.  Our financial education team is mobile and adaptable. Our programs are purely educational with no sales involved.  They are hassle-free and chock-full of information. 

To learn more about our Off-Site Educational Programming or to schedule a seminar, please call us at 844.COP.SAVE.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Holiday Closings

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Do you offer purchase alerts and account monitoring?

You can monitor card activity with Visa Purchase Alerts.

Are my family members eligible to join National Police Credit Union?

All immediate family members are eligible to join National Police Credit Union.

Does National Police Credit Union Have a Mobile app?

Yes! You can use our mobile app to check your account balances, view your account transaction history, transfer funds between eligible accounts, pay bills on the spot, and locate an ATM.

Can I switch over to E-Statements?

Yes! Simply log in to your account to sign up for our easy, and eco-friendly e-statements.

Does National Police Credit Union have Online banking?

Yes! For information on online banking features and our mobile app features, visit our online banking page.

What is the National Police Credit Union Routing Number?

The National Police Credit Union Routing and Transit Number/ABA Number is: 271078146.


Data Breaches: Protect Yourself with the Right Financial Tools

Are you fed up with data breaches yet?  Do you cringe every time you hear another retailer admit that their system has been hacked?  Are you tired of the disruption that you endure each time your debit or credit card is cancelled or deactivated because of one of these breaches?

These breaches - those of the Target, Home Depot, Michael’s, and Jewel (Supervalue) sort, have become so commonplace that is likely impossible you have not been directly impacted by at least one of them.  While you are protected from the responsibility of paying for any fraudulent charges that may show up on your account as a result of breaches such as these, do not fool yourself into thinking that you are immune from either the cost of these breaches or the potential long term consequences of them.
So, what can you do about it?  Before you answer, it may be helpful to remember that there are almost always actions that you can take or decisions that you can make that will positively influence a situation, even if that situation appears to be entirely outside of your control.  Here are some suggestions along those lines.
Every cause starts with education.  For your own sake, make it a point to learn more about how payments are processed, how your information is stored, and why these things should be important to you and your family.
When a cashier asks for proof of your identity, take the time to thank them for helping to protect you instead of chastising them for adding 30 seconds to your checkout process.

Be selective when and where you use your debit and credit cards.  Be alert when you use your card, especially when you purchase something online.  You should be familiar with the sites that you visit and never allow any site to store your information or “remember” your form of payment for the next time.

Pay attention to the activity on your account and check your balance and statement frequently.

And, most importantly, make sure you have the right financial tools at your disposal.

The Credit Union recently introduced a dynamic new financial tool, Premium Checking, which officially launches April 1, 2018. Our Premium Checking includes real-time identity theft monitoring and detection services; a signature Identity Theft Restoration Service with “personal advocacy” for you and your family; and up to $25,000 in Identity Theft Expense Reimbursement Insurance. With our powerful new financial tool, members will be able to “Monitor, Detect and Restore” without having to work with multiple platforms or companies. 

While your diligence may not fully stop all breaches, your diligence and that of others will eventually slow it down and may even encourage retailers to increase their own diligence in installing safe practices and better data protection systems.  Once retailers are fully on board, the entire payment system will be better balanced and we might even be able to better contain costs.  This is where the importance of this education and these actions directly impact you.

No matter how efficiently a business operates and no matter how good a business might be as an advocate and even a shield for the consumer, costs have to be accounted for.  Sometimes costs can be absorbed, but when costs such as those related to the perpetuation and proliferation of fraud spiral upward and outstrip any ability to make them back in the form of revenue, those costs can and do get passed back to the innocent consumer

If you plan on continuing to use a debit card or a credit card for the foreseeable future, make it personal and make it a point to get educated on this subject.  Also, remember to arm yourself with the best financial tools you can!

This article was written by Scott Arney, CEO, Chicago Patrolmen’s Federal Credit Union. This article is part of Scott Arney's educational series, entitled The Serial Decision Maker.

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