Free Credit Counseling Services for Members

Have you checked your credit score lately? Is the information contained in your credit report accurate? Did you know that you have the power to change your credit score?

Gwen’s Helping Hands, LLC

Gwen’s Helping Hands, LLC provides complimentary, confidential Credit Counseling to members of the credit union. This service is designed to help you understand your credit so you can gain or maintain control of your finances to plan for a better financial future.

A trusted business partner of the credit union, Gwen’s Helping Hands is run by Gwen Hawkins, who is a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor. Gwen has worked with the credit union for over 25 years, and she specializes in working with individuals in law enforcement.

Gwen’s services include:

    • Credit Education
    • Financial Counseling
    • Budgeting Assistance
    • Credit Improvement
    • Debt Consolidation
    • Debt Restructuring
    • Dealing with Collection Agencies
    • Managing Your Checking Account
    • Qualifying For a Mortgage
    • Establishing Credit For the First Time or Re-Establishing Credit

Take advantage of this free Credit Counseling service offered to members of National Police Credit Union by contacting Gwen at (312) 499-8813 or (844) COP-SAVE (844-267-7283)

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Our Visa Secured Credit Card helps members re-establish their credit.

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Begin Your Journey Towards Financial Freedom

Financial planning is a term that most people tend to groan at. At every turn, it seems like the financial planning process revolves around knowing the unknowable: terms, rates, investments, withdrawals, and even fees.  That is why it can be nice to have someone on your side during your journey to financial freedom. Hiring a Financial Planner to help assist you is a wise and viable option, but, as the SEC cautions, be sure to do your research before settling on a professional or company best suited for your own personal needs.  

What IS Financial Planning?

A financial plan is an outline of your future: a comprehensive evaluation of your current and (forecasted) future financial state. This comprehensive evaluation is made up in part by looking at things like your current investments, your insurance plans, and future withdrawal plans for things like medical expenses and senior living.

Good financial planning includes such things as a list of your financial goals, a personal net worth statement, a cash flow analysis, a good retirement strategy, a long-term investment plan, and an estate plan. These are all parts of what makes a true financial plan.

Whether you hire a professional financial planner or start on the journey yourself, the following are several areas of focus for you to consider to help jump start the process:

  • Review Your Insurance Coverages

    You should review your insurance coverage on a regular basis to ensure each plan (car, home, life) is consistent with your current lifestyle. Life is constantly in flux: why should your insurance protect what you used to own versus what you currently own? Make sure to look at all of your policies to see what you need and what you might be better off without. You may end up needing more coverage than before, such as umbrella coverage.

    One way to make the process of checking over your insurance easier, is to talk to National Police Credit Union about all of the insurance products they offer.
  • Automate Your Savings

    One of the easiest ways towards financial freedom is to automate your savings. Make sure you’re setting aside money on a regular basis, or you’ll find yourself running short later in life. If you don’t have a retirement savings plan, then consider at least a savings account that automatically saves a little every month for you. Ask a credit union branch representative about a savings account today!

The road to financial freedom is a long one, but you do not have to travel it alone. Talk to a personal finance management professional about the different financial education services you may need in the next phase of your life.