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Message from Division President Jim Bedinger

Jim Bedinger

As a twenty-year veteran of an 80-year-old, police-centered Credit Union, I can honestly say that I found my calling early and have relished every moment of the journey. While I am not a law enforcement officer myself, I have forged lasting relationships with many over the years through our long-standing partnerships in this truly supportive environment. To serve the protectors of our country is an honor, and I feel privileged to be part of your community. 

Thank you for your continued loyalty and trust. The feelings are mutual.

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3 Ways Communities Are Showing Support for Police

National Police Credit Union is actively involved in the law enforcement community. We have been serving officers and their families for 79 years. We are as committed to their well-being as individuals as we are to their financial health as savvy decision-makers.

We understand and embrace the hardships and sacrifices law enforcement officers face day in and day out, and we pledge our full support on their behalf. Part of that support includes spreading goodwill and positive news stories about our everyday heroes to educate the general public on the life of an officer, as well as engaging local communities in grand gestures of appreciation to truly thank officers for their dedication in keeping us safe.

There are countless ways to show an officer appreciation, not the least of which is to say a simple “thank you,” which goes a long way! Beyond personal thanks, there are now several ways communities are working to show support for law enforcement officers, including:

1. National Night Out

Founded in 1984 by the National Association of Town Watch, National Night Out (NNO) is an annual community-building campaign designed to foster positive police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie.

According to their website, “Millions of neighbors take part in National Night Out across thousands of communities from all fifty states, U.S. territories and military bases worldwide on the first Tuesday in August (Texas celebrates on the first Tuesday in October).”

Family-friendly events range from simple “meet and greets” and BBQs to large block parties, parades and outdoor festivals with games and entertainment for people of all ages. Seamlessly mixed with the fun and games are law enforcement safety demonstrations, seminars, educational programs and exhibits. By bringing people together in safe and engaging environments, NNO seeks to forge long-lasting partnerships based on trust, respect and understanding between law enforcement officers and the citizens they serve. Plus, events such as these present the perfect opportunity for neighbors to get to know and thank their local officers for their service.

To find out more information about National Night Out or to check for local events in your area, please visit their website.

2. Thin Blue Line

According to Wikipedia: “The Thin Blue Line is a symbol used by law enforcement, originating in the United Kingdom but now prevalent in the United States, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland and Poland to commemorate the fallen and to show support for the living law enforcement officers. It is a symbol for the relationship of law enforcement in the community as the protectors of the community from criminals and victimization.” 

The “Thin Blue Line Flag,” comes in many iterations but is most widely shown as a black and white American Flag with a thin blue line running horizontally across the middle. You can either purchase a flag to hang outside your door or look for items with the image, including lapel pins, baseball caps, apparel and any number of accessories. Merchandise is available at stores across the country or online via retailers who donate proceeds to nonprofit law enforcement organizations.

3. Police Charity Work

Local Law Enforcement Memorials and Fallen Officer Funds, both of which are always in need of help, allow members of the local community to become engaged as volunteers and gain a better understanding of the sacrifices being made to keep the community safe.

There are also several recognized organizations at the national level where support is needed:

  • Concerns of Police Survivors.

    Established in 1984, C.O.P.S. is dedicated to rebuilding shattered lives of survivors and co-workers affected by line of duty deaths, through partnerships with law enforcement and the community.
  • National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund

    Founded in 1984, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund is dedicated to telling the story of American Law Enforcement and making it safer for those who serve.
  • National Police Canine Association

    NPCA is a non-profit association dedicated to the training, development, and certification of law enforcement canine teams and their administrations.

While there are countless organizations throughout the country in need of both funds and hands-on assistance, many community members are making an effort to show their appreciation to local law enforcement. Officers on the street are stopped by neighbors who want to say “thank you,” an officer in line at the coffee shop is told his order has been paid for by a grateful member of the community, homemade “thank you” cards and goody bags are dropped off at the local police station. These gestures are occurring more often, as awareness of the challenges that are faced by those who police and protect our neighborhoods grows.

Police service can be a lonely and thankless job. With a little effort, community members, friends, and family can change that. National Police Credit Union is dedicated to supporting the national law enforcement profession, and we applaud those who make the time to show their concern and support for those who serve and protect.