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Message from Division President Jim Bedinger

Jim Bedinger

As a 22-year veteran of an 82-year-old, police-centered Credit Union, I can honestly say that I found my calling early and have relished every moment of the journey. While I am not a law enforcement officer myself, I have forged lasting relationships with many over the years through our long-standing partnerships in this truly supportive environment. To serve the protectors of our country is an honor, and I feel privileged to be part of your community. 

Thank you for your continued loyalty and trust. The feelings are mutual.

Today is Yours

Today is yours.  What does that mean?

It means that yesterday may or may not have gone according to plan. Yesterday may have been a good day or a bad day or somewhere in between.

It means that tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

It means that today, right now, is the time for you to make a good yesterday even better and to create a positive experience from a not so good yesterday.

If yesterday should be forgotten, start by forgetting it today. If yesterday was memorable, set out to create an even more powerful memory today.

If you need a fresh start, start today. If you have put off working on something meaningful, start that work today. In other words, if tomorrow is not promised to you then make sure that tomorrow is today.

Despite a constant wish for time to either speed up or slow down depending on your situation and circumstances, you inherently know that time does neither. Time itself is indiscriminate. It travels at the same speed every day. The distinguishing factor is what you choose to do with the time that you have.

Today is the only day that you have to reflect on, learn from, and build upon yesterday.

Today is also the only day that you have to anticipate and prepare for tomorrow, which you still have to do even though tomorrow isn’t yours to count on.

So, today is yours. You can do anything you want with it, but whatever you decide to do with today, make it count because you won’t be able to get it back.

There are many ways for you to make it count.  It is up to you to find your personal stamp and place it on today as often and as forcefully as you can.

Are you going to cross a finish line or start a new race?

Are you going to affirm a previously held belief or learn something new?

Are you going to take a breather or experience something that takes your breath away?

Are you going to stay within your comfort zone or are you going to push yourself into unchartered territory?

Will you accomplish all or none of the above?

The choices are endless and the opportunities are limitless.

Today is yours.  What are you going to do with it?

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For more information on National Police Credit Union, please visit our website or call 844.COP.SAVE. 

To join National Police Credit Union, or if you have immediate family members who are interested in becoming members, please use our application. This article was written by Scott Arney, CEO, Chicago Patrolmen’s Federal Credit Union. 

This article is part of Scott Arney's educational series, entitled The Serial Decision Maker.