Common Fees

Important Bank By Phone Notice to Members

Auto Loan Title Processing Fee $50.00

Under minimum share fee $1.00 per month

Transfer from savings to share draft/checking to cover an overdraft (each occurrence) $10.00 per transfer

Stop payment (all items) $37.00 per item

Photocopy of draft $3.00 per item

Non-sufficient funds item $37.00 per item

Collection item processing $30.00 per item

Certified Check $5.00 per check

Deposited checks and other items returned unpaid $37.00 per item

Incoming wire transfer $10.00

Outgoing wire transfer $25.00

Account research $25.00 per hour

Copy of statement $5.00 per statement

Under minimum average daily balance money market fee $15.00

Late loan payment $37.00

Negative checking balance fee (after five consecutive business days) $10.00

Legal fees, Garnishments, Attachments, Tax Levies and/or Charge Off (per occurrence) $75.00

Non-Member check cashing fee $5.00

Collateral Protection Insurance (forced placement on collateralized loans) $50.00

Bank check fee $2.00 per check

Temporary checks $2.00 per check

Check by phone/SmartPay $5.00 per item

Late mortgage payment 5.0000% of payment

Late home equity loan payment $25.00

Subordination request fee $100.00

Mortgage deed release fee $98.00

Payoff letter for real estate loans $10.00

Verification of deposit $10.00

Home Banking/Bill Payer Fees

Bill Payer fee (if applicable) $9.95 per month

Bill Payer/Insufficient Funds (NSF) $37.00 per item

Bill Payer check copy $20.00 per item

Bill Payer stop payment fee $37.00 per item

Premium Checking Fee $4.00 per month

Standard Checking Paper Statement Fee $2.00 per month**

Debit Card Fees

Replacement Debit Card $10.00 per card

VISA Credit Card Replacement $10.00 per card

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*Fees are subject to change.
**Fee does not apply to members who are age 55 and over and those members who opt in to e-statements