National Police Credit Union Auto Loans

100% Financing** On New and Used Vehicles

National Police Credit Union can finance up to 100%** of your next new or used car at competitive Auto Loan rates and terms! Plus, we can refinance your existing Auto Loan up to 100%** of the current value of your vehicle to reduce the interest rate or payment.

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Killed in the Line of Duty Loan Protection

This product qualifies for Killed in the Line of Duty Loan Protection, a special debt cancellation benefit created exclusively for active full-time Law Enforcement Officers.

Write Your Own Ticket®

You don’t need to know what vehicle you’ll be getting, because we will provide you with a “blank” check. To be eligible for a Write Your Own Ticket loan:

  • The vehicle must be a new automobile
  • The financing period cannot exceed 84 months
  • You must have a credit score of 680 or above
  • The amount borrowed cannot exceed $49,999.99 for members with a credit score above 699, and $40,000 for members with a credit score of 680-699
  • GAP Coverage

    Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is designed to eliminate your unpaid net loan/lease balance in the event your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair (totaled).

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    Debt Protection

    Life and Disability Debt Protection allows you to safeguard your loan in times of uncertainty.

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    Contact us to assist you in securing the lowest Auto Loan or Refinance rate possible for your new or used car, we may even be able to beat your current auto loan rate at another institution! Auto loans with National Police Credit Union are easy. We offer immediate loan decisions, with hassle-free online application procedures. We'll always tell you what will save you the most money - even if it's not with us. Don't miss out!

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  • Tanya Marquez / 312 - 499 - 8872 / email
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    National Police Credit Union's BillPay Address is: Chicago Patrolmen's Federal Credit Union 1407 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago, IL 60607

    GAP is designed to eliminate your unpaid net loan/lease balance in the event your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair (totaled). Brochures in English and Spanish are available here.

    It is the National Police Credit Union's extended warranty option for vehicles.

    You don’t need to know what vehicle you’ll be getting, because we will provide you with a “blank” check.

    If your WYOT check exceeds the 60 day time period allotted, you will need to re-apply for the loan.

    You will need to schedule an appointment and have your auto loan disbursed through our conventional method.


    Force-Placed Insurance

    Force-Placed Insurance, also knows as lender-placed Insurance, is a vital program to alleviate risk and protect our loan portfolio from uninsured losses. Our credit union utilizes the force-placed insurance program to place instant coverage on motor vehicles that we have an interest in if a member’s policy has lapsed or cancelled.  This is done on new and used auto loans as well as motorcycle loans and mortgages. Some states require basic liability coverage that can pay other parties for damage or injury in an accident. Our contract requires comprehensive and collision coverage when you finance a car. 

    The following are examples of when National Police Credit Union may force-place insurance coverage:

    • The borrower does not currently have an insurance policy, either because they did not purchase a policy, or because the policy was cancelled after the renewal premium was not paid.
    • National Police Credit Union has not received proof of insurance coverage (even though the member may have coverage in place.) This commonly occurs when the credit union is not listed as a lien holder.  Once we receive the proof of insurance, the force placed insurance coverage can then be canceled. After the force-placed coverage is cancelled, the borrow will only be billed for the time they were without insurance.

    How much will it cost?

    Force-Placed Insurance Premium is:

    • Based on the loan balance. It is 16.8% of principal balance at the last known insurance.
    • Added to the principal balance/monthly payment, and the premium is spread across 12-month period. 
    • Potentially continuous. The force-placed insurance could be added from year to year. If one forced policy expires, another policy could be added for another twelve months if outside insurance is not provided for the time in question.

    Force-placed Insurance premiums are typically much higher than the policy a borrower can purchase on their own.  The credit union verifies the coverage before placing the force-placed insurance. There are total of three letters that go out to the member asking to provide the proof of insurance, and to let them know about the new purchased premium in the final letter. It’s also very important to add our credit union as a lien holder to the policy. In this case, National Police Credit Union would be getting automated updates on any policy change/cancellations directly from the insurance company in a timely manner.

    It’s important to make the insurance payments on time; otherwise, a borrower could have a lapse in coverage, or the insurance company could cancel the policy. A lapse in auto insurance coverage could also occur if a member lets a policy expire without renewing it. It’s very beneficial to take advantage of any helpful tools offered by your insurance company, such as automatic payments or mobile apps for paying on the go.

    Important things to remember:

    • You may be considered higher risk if you do not have your own car insurance. Although force-placed insurance can help protect our loss, coverage is limited. If you don’t have liability coverage, your driver’s license and vehicle registration could be suspended, depending on the rules in your state. And if you were to cause an accident, you could be on the financial hook.  
    • If you have a forced-placed insurance added to the loan, it is very important to pay the higher premium on time.  With our forced-placed policy, our member could file a claim to fix any damage to the vehicle. 

    Force-Placed Insurance is a policy that is ultimately meant to protect the credit union from uninsured losses and will not provide coverage for the borrower’s personal property. The purpose of forced-placed insurance is to provide immediate coverage on uninsured collateral. The credit union utilizes force-placed insurance to ensure that our collateral is insured in the event there is collateral damage or loss. Best way for you to save money and avoid any expenses is to get your own insurance with the coverage that is require by our contract. Once you have the confirmation of your new auto insurance policy, bring all the required documents to the closing to avoid any future payment change on your loan. At all times, continue having your vehicle insured and pay your insurance premiums on time.  

    *Rates subject to credit qualification and selected term. APR = Annual percentage rate.

    **100% financing includes financing up to the purchase price or NADA guidebook valuation in addition to tax, title and license fees, extended warranties and GAP products.