Audio Teller (888) 393-9968

Important Bank By Phone Notice to Members

Please listen carefully when you call as the menu options have changed. Bank by Phone helps make your financial management easier and convenient. 

Obtain checking or savings account balances, make loan or VISA payments, transfer funds, place a stop payment on a written check, and more! 

The Bank By Phone System's default is Touch Tone

Press 2 to use Voice Response
How to use Bank By Phone: Dial: 888-393-9968

Follow the menu prompts. You will need your account number and PIN to proceed. Your temporary PIN will be the number 9 plus the last four digits of your social security number. For instance, if the last four of your social security number are 1234, your temporary PIN will be 91234.

If you need help resetting your PIN or getting your PIN call us at 800-326-8814 to speak to a Call Center Representative during business hours.

Quick Reference Guide:

Please note that prompts customize to your account so please listen carefully to the options when calling.
Money Market, Special Savings, and Christmas Club will fall under savings.

Press 1 or say Account Balance
Press 2 or say Share or Loan withdrawal
Press 3 or say Account History
Press 4 or say Transfer funds immediately
Press 5 or say Make an immediate payment
Press 6 or say More Options

                 Press 1 or say Stop Payment
                              Press 1 for Stop a Payment
                                       Press 1 for specific check number
                                       Press 2 for check range
                              Press 2 for Stop payment inquiry
                Press 2 or say Change your PIN

Quick Tips

Press 1 and the * key if you need help at any time during the call. 
Press 3 and the * key to return to the main menu.
Press * key to return to the previous menu.
Press the # key to repeat an option.
Press 9 and the * key to enter a different account number.
Press 8 and the * key to switch from touch tone to voice recognition
Press 0 to get transfer to a Call Center representative during business hours.
To end your Bank by Phone call, simply hang up.

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